D0024 教育心理學研究 Studies in Educational Psychology (3/0) This course presents an advanced study of the theories and processes of educational psychology at school levels, especially in relation to current research in identifying major variables in the teaching-learning process and theories and principles of learning.

    D0025 諮商與心理治療理論研究 Studies in Theories of Counselling and Psychotherapy (3/0) This course covers historical and contemporary theories of counselling, advanced study of techniques, and research findings.

    D0026 諮商與心理治療技術研究 Studies in Counselling Practice and Techniques (3/0) This course offers an introduction to major theoretical orientations to the counselling process and techniques, laboratory experience in case conceptualization and counselling skills.

    D0027 超個人心理學專題研究 Seminar on Transpersonal Psychology (0/2) This course explores Western and Eastern theories related to spiritual development and the intersections of psychological growth and development with spiritual belief and experience, and discusses the historical origins and theoretical foundations of transpersonal psychology.

    D0028 學習策略研究 Studies in Learning Strategies (0/3) This course presents history and systems of psychology applied to education and modern theories and current research in learning strategies and human motivation, especially in relation to the educative process.

    D0029 團體諮商研究 Studies in Group Counselling (0/3) This course covers the study of group counselling methods and techniques; review of basic theories of group process; exploration of group process through group interaction, didactic analysis and synthesis.

    D0030 發展心理學研究專題 Studies in Developmental Psychology (0/2) This course introduces all periods of life and takes a life-span perspective on all phases of life, including childhood.

    D0032 變態心理學專題研究 Studies in Abnormal Psychology (3/0) This course aims to help students understand the definitions and fundamental philosophical issues of abnormality. The course also contains classification of abnormal psychology as Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, Childhood Psychopathology, Psychoactive Substance Use Disorders, and psychological factors of physical illness, and comparisons of different theoretical approaches.

    D0041 學習診斷與輔導 Learning Diagnosis and Guidance (3/0) This course focuses on how to detect and diagnose students with learning difficulties, and discusses what kinds of assistance or guidance can be provided for those students.

    D0042 教育心理與諮商實習() Internship of Educational Psychology and Counselling I (2/0) This course provides a supervised practice in a human services agency (approved by the College) focusing on the development and direct practice of human services professional skills. Prerequisites: senior standing; admission to Professional standing.

    D0043 教育心理與諮商實習() Internship of Educational Psychology and Counselling II (0/2) This course provides a supervised practice in a human services agency (approved by the College) focusing on the development and direct practice of human services professional skills. Prerequisites: senior standing; admission to Professional standing.

    D0068 社會心理學專題研究 Studies in Social Psychology (2/0) This course presents an examination of issues, theories, and research in selected areas of social psychology and other behavioral sciences that have implications for education and higher education policies, programs, and practices.

    D0069 家族治療專題研究 Seminar on Family Therapy (0/2) This course covers the theories and methods of many of the major family therapy theories including:strategic, brief strategic, systemic, narrative, family of origin, structural, and symbolic-experiential family therapy.

    D0072 諮商與心理治療專業倫理研究 Studies in Ethical Issues of Counselling (2/0) This course presents legal and ethical concepts and issues relevant to the practice of psychology and student personnel services.

    D0075 生涯諮商研究 Studies in Career Counselling (0/2) This course presents methods and programs for facilitating the career development of individuals over the life span. Organization and development of activities and programs for all ages are emphasized.

    D0114 心理與諮商專業實習() Supervised Counselling Practicum (I) (2/0) In this course, students are required to fulfil six-hour weekly part-time practicum experience in community agencies. Through supervised professional work in different community service setting, students gain knowledge via hands-on direct psychological services.

    D0115 心理與諮商專業實習() Supervised Counselling Practicum (II) (0/2) Upon completion of all courses, students gain one year of practicum experience in community agencies. Through supervised professional work in different community service settings, students gain experience in applying a variety of intervention strategies and psychological services across the spectrum of psychopathologies.

    D0116 表達性藝術治療 Express Arts Therapy (0/2) This course provides the knowledge and theories of express art therapy to help students analyze the therapy process. It also offers experimental express art group for students in order to put theories into practice.

    D0117 心理測驗與衡鑑 Seminar of Psychological Measurement & Assessment (0/3) This course provides group and individual, assessment of cognition, behavior, emotion and personality, as well as their theoretical and statistical bases, construction, administration, interpretation of instruments, and evaluation theory and practice.

    D0425 正向心理學 Positive Psychology (0/2) This course introduces the origin and thoughts of positivepsychology, and helps students to learn the concepts and theories of positive psychology throughtextbook and important paper. In addition, students will learn how to apply positive psychology in dailylife and counseling to embody the spirits of positive psychology into counseling practice.

    D0426 學校社區及企業心理健康 Studies in Mental Health of Community, School and Enterprise (0/2) This course coverscounseling issues in community, school, and enterprise through group interaction and innovation.

    D0486 方案規劃與教育訓練 Program Planning and Educational Training (2/0) The course aims to develop students’ basic concepts of program planning and educational training, as well as to help students understand and evaluate the operation model and content. Through discussion of examples and actual operation, students are expected to develop the capacity of proposal writing on program and education training.

    D0487 音樂治療 Music Therapy (0/2) This course is highlighted on the application and research in music therapy. The course units are outlined from the perspective of developmental psychology, with a model integrating the aspects of bio-psycho-socio-spiritual as the theoretical framework. Learners will be encouraged to study the principles of counseling psychology as well as to express motivation to display music competence. The course will proceed through practice and discussion, first with an introduction to the methods and theories of music therapy and followed by an emphasis on the needs of clients.

    D0488 創造性思考研究 The Creative Thinking (0/2) The objective is to construct systematically the theory and strategy of creative thinking through the four teaching methods: demonstration, illustration, interaction, and feedbacks. This course mainly helps students cultivate critical thinking and creativity. Through his or her understanding in creative thinking and strategy, the student applies his or her self-evaluation to different aspects and diverse areas.

    D0489 後現代心理治療 Post-Modern Perspective of Psychotherapy (0/2) This course offers an introduction to major theoretical concepts, strategies, and skills of postmodern psychotherapy.

    D0490 正念減壓與正念認知治療 
    Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and MBCT (0/2) This course introduces theories and concepts of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) and the Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT), with practicing the MBSR and MBCT techniques and discussing the research results of MBSR and MBCT. 

    D0491 危機與創傷處理 Crisis and Trauma(2/0) The course is designed to enhance the students' knowledge and skills in the fields of trauma response and crisis intervention.  Topics addressed in the course cover theoretical concepts, research findings and treatment strategies in a variety of traumatic events such as natural disaster, interpersonal traumatic experience, and personal/family crises.

    D0492 助人專業態度與素養 Professionalism in the Helping Field (0/1) This course requires students to learn professionalism and attitude from the teachers’ sharing their thinking process, participating/ assisting academic seminars, professional workshops, professional presentations, oral papers and other activities.

    D0264 質化研究 Introduction to Qualitative Research (3/0) This course is designed to have 18 units divided into three big categories, namely research process, research methodologies, and research methods. In research process section, there are brief introduction to research design, research ethics, validity and reliability, data collection, data analysis, and report writing. In research methodology, theoretical paradigms such as biography, case study, action research, phenomenology, ethnography, and grounded theory are taught. In research methods, students learn to conduct field study, participant observation, in-depth interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, and content analysis.

    D0498 初談技巧 Counseling Intake Skills and Practicum(0/2) The main purpose of this course is to help graduate students familiarize the procedural and skills of intake. The content of the course includes the evaluation of clients’ problems and needs, the strategies of following arrangement, skill practice and practicum at TKU counseling center.

    T0081 研究方法 Research Methodology (0/3) The main purpose of this course is to provide students with a basic knowledge of research. Through the course, students will be able to learn the process of conducting a research, features of different research methods, and APA writing style.

    T8000 論文 Thesis (0) This course helps students to have individual research planned, carried out, and reported under the supervision of a Graduate Studies Committee member.



    D0364情緒管理的理論與應用Theory and Application of Emotion Management (3/0) The main purpose of this course is to help students understand the theory and application of emotion management. The content of the course includes the psychology of emotion, the strategies and skills of emotion management, etc.

    D0210 統計方法與應用 Statistic Methods and Application (3/0) The main purpose of this course is helping students to understand the meaning of statistics in educational research. The content of the course includes t test, one-way ANOVA, ANCOVA, correlation, regression, etc. The course also familiarizes students with statistic software: SPSS. It is expected that through the course, students can apply appropriate statistic methods to solve educational research questions.

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